Wattsound Car Audio proudly offers this American Made High End Sound Quality product.  AD Designs components and coaxial speakers were designed to reproduce music with ultimate accuracy. We use perfectly blended paper cones and hi-quality German silk dome tweeters to achieve the most natural, tonally accurate, dynamic, and detailed sound reproduction. Realistic texture to voices and instruments give you the feeling of listening to live music rather than listening to a speaker. 

Testimonial:   Went down today to check out the new line of AD components. I have been shopping for a while and have been searching high end brands like Hertz, Focal, Bravox, & Audison. All I have to say is WOW! I was completely blown away. The attention to detail and expertise that has went into designing these speakers is nothing short of amazing. I honestly did not expect them to out perform the other brands in a side by side comparison. AD components just may be a true game changer!— Anthony C.

Wattsound Car Audio